World ice creams consumption | La Lettura

Visualization for la Lettura, Il Corriere della Sera, 30|08|15

The visualization shows the market value in euros for ice creams
in the world. For each category of ice cream (Single Portion Dairy Ice Cream,
Impulse Ice Cream, Retail Artisanal Ice Cream, Ice Cream Desserts,
Multi-Pack Dairy Ice Cream) the ten countries with the higher consumption
of ice cream in 2015 have been reported. Data related to 2010 and data expected
for 2020 have been reported too. The graphs at the bottom show the top ten
countries that consume more ice cream in 2015 and data related to italian
consumption. Overall, according to data provided by 2020,
the consumption of ice cream in the world will increase.

Data provided by Euromonitor International